The Story of Goozix.

Learn more about us not only from the business, but from the personal side.

Let us tell you a story

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk - all of these great entrepreneurs started their companies in the garage. We've decided to start right from the comfortable office. This way that will be easier to find the place to park our Tesla's in future :)

Our main principle is that we're building our apps from people and for people. We'll never underestimate the importance of the UX and Design, thoughtful user research before planning the new features and our customer support.

At the beginning we’ve started with the Mobile development and Design. It was an exciting, fun and rewarding time. Our minds always on the project's, eyes focused on the important, and the most talented pianists would die from jealousy if they saw how fast and beautiful we've "played" on our keyboards.

All in this company starting from the founders up to the interns are passionate about what they do. We are always want to make the world better, life easier, and products more awesome.

The time passed and things improve. We're now not only the team of the mobile developer and designers. We've scaled beyond belief and a lot of the wonderful talents joined us. Our skills improved, important knowledge is obtained and we are in our prime now. We’ve worked with such companies and organization as Disney, Google and UNICEF.

At the moment we perform full development cycle from idea to the final release and support. And we perform this stunningly. You shouldn't worry about going to a hundred places and order design, back-end, mobile or web development. You can do everything with us, in one place.

Time passed, but our approach is the same as it is in the beginning. Minds on the project's, eyes on the important and playing Chopin on our keyboards.

Now, we can't stop and we won't stop!

Goozix Team.