Why Goozix

We are an experienced team of project managers, developers, designers and QAs. Share your idea with us and we will ensure that this idea will transform into the good-quality product.

ios and android app development iOS & Android We believe in apps that not only look good but also perform well. Our goal is to provide the best possible user experience while satisfying all of the customer needs.
development company that building master-crafted web applications and APIs Unity 3D & Games We are working hard so our users can play hard!
development company that building master-crafted web applications and APIs Web Apps & APIs We are building master-crafted web applications and APIs . Don't worry about the high load, deployment options and etc. Everything is already taken care of.
an application development company that keeps track of all the latest news Latest tech Did you hear about this new thing out there? Android Wear? Apple Watch? Some glasses? AR/VR devices? Be sure, we've already developed something for it.
good product design in app development Well Design Here in Goozix, we believe that design is one of the most important parts of the product success. Our designs are eye-catching, thought of and users love them!
quality assurance in app development QA Ensure that the final product is stable and ready for your audience - that's our ultimate goal.

Some Stats

Okay, everyone knows that commits and cups of coffee are completely fake in such stats. Only truth and real data from us!

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Our Clients

Feedback from our clients is what we are valuing the most. Praise from the client - our best reward.

app development company

UNICEF has been working with Goozix since 2015. At the moment we are building the eTools platform which is one of the main tools for the UNICEF's core work processes. Goozix team is very professional and while sharing the same values as we do - they are more than a right fit for the important things on which we are working every day.

app development company

Goozix team was there from the day one and helped us build and launch Radaro. Delivery optimisation is a tough business but together we've build one of the leading delivery-management system in Australia. There are a lot of the active customers and requests, so team responsiveness and agile approach - these are the qualities that we are valuing the most.

mobile app development company

Alongside with Goozix, we've taken part in battling with social networks and phone addiction by developing the AntiSocial app. Due to the nature of the product, it was a great technical challenge to beat, but their technical guys proving to us with every new feature that there is nothing impossible.

Goozix was a crucial part in developing our key solution for business communication. Started by the small team of the mobile developers, now Goozix handling full-stack of our solution. Web, API, Mobile Apps and QA - that's on them. Through the years of work we always have been equal partners, and they always have our back.

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Feedback from our clients is what we are valuing the most. Praise from the client - our best reward.

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